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Hyundai Elantra. Smart Trunk

On a vehicle equipped with a smart key, the trunk can be opened using the Smart Trunk system.

How to use the Smart Trunk

The trunk can be opened with notouch activation satisfying all the conditions below.


• The Smart Trunk does not operate when:
- The smart key is detected within 15 seconds after the doors are closed and locked, and is continuously detected.
- The smart key is detected within 15 seconds after the doors are closed and locked, and within 60 inches (1.5 m) from the front door handles. (for vehicles equipped with Welcome Light)
- A door is not locked or closed.
- The smart key is in the vehicle.

1. Setting

To activate the Smart Trunk, go to User Settings Mode and select Smart Trunk on the LCD display.

For more details, refer to the "LCD Display" section in this chapter.

2. Detect and Alert

If you are positioned in the detecting area (20~40 inches (50 ~100 cm) behind the vehicle) carrying a smart key, the hazard warning lights will blink and chime will sound to alert you the smart key has been detected and the trunk will open.


Do not approach the detecting area if you do not want the trunk to open. If you have unintentionally entered the detecting area and the hazard warning lights and chime starts to operate, leave the detecting area with the smart key. The trunk will stay closed.

3. Automatic opening

The hazard warning lights will blink and chime will sound 6 times and then the trunk will open.


Opening the trunk ■ Outside (if equipped) 1. Make sure the shift lever is in P (Park). 2. Then do one of the following : Hold down the trunk unlock button located on your key fob or smart k ...

How to deactivate the Smart Trunk function using the smart key
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