Hyundai Elantra: Seat Electrical / Seat Heater Components and Components Location

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Seat Electrical / Seat Heater Components and Components Location

Component Location
[Front Seat Heater (Non-Air ventilation)]

[Front Seat Heater (Air ventilation)]

[Rear Seat Heater]

Power Seat Control Switch Repair procedures
Inspection Seat Control Switch 1. With the power seat switch in each position, make sure that continuity exists between the terminals below. If continuity is not as specified, replace the pow ...

Seat Heater Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram [Front Seat Heater (Non-Air Ventilation)] [Rear Seat Heater (Bench Type)] ...

Other information:

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Service Manual: Timing Chain Repair procedures
Removal 1. Remove the cylinder head cover. (Refer to Cylinder Head Assembly - "Cylinder Head Cover") 2. Set No.1 cylinder to TDC (Top dead center) on compression stroke. (1) Turn the crankshaft pulley and align its groove with the timing mark of the timing chain cover. (2) Check that ...

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Owners Manual: Cup Holder
■ Front ■ Rear • Type A ■ Rear • Type B Cups or small beverages cups may be placed in the cup holders. Front cup holder liner can be removed for cleaning. Rear Cup holders in center console rear: Pull the cup holder cover rearwards to completely unfold the cup holder. C ...

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