Hyundai Elantra: Air Conditioning System / Compressor Components and Components Location

[Nu Engine]

1. Clutch bolt
2. Limiter & Hub Assembly
3. Compressor clutch hub spacer
4. Retainer
5. Pulley
6. Clutch field coil assembly
7. Compressor assembly
8. Electric control valve (ECV)

Components Location

1. Compressor

Compressor Description and Operation
Description The compressor is the power unit of the A/C system. It is located on the side of engine block and driven by a V-belt of the engine. The compressor changes low pressure and low tempera ...

Compressor Repair procedures
Removal     Precautions for using the plastic pulley • Take care not to give physical impact to the plastic pulley. If exposed to the impact of dropping and collision, the ...

Other information:

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