Hyundai Elantra: Cooling System / Electric Thermostat (ECT) Components and Components Location

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Cooling System / Electric Thermostat (ECT) Components and Components Location


1. Water inlet fitting & Thermostat
2. Bypass hose
3. Heater pipe & hose assembly

Electric Thermostat (ECT) Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

Electric Thermostat (ECT) Repair procedures
Removal and Installation     • Disassembly of the thermostat would have an adverse effect, causing a lowering of cooling efficiency. Do not remove the thermostat, even if ...

Other information:

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Service Manual: Evaporator Temperature Sensor Description and Operation
Description The evaporator temperature sensor will detect the evaporator core temperature and interrupt compressor relay power in order to prevent evaporator from freezing by excessive cooling. The evaporator temperature sensor has the Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC). Electrical re ...

Hyundai Elantra AD (2016-2020) Owners Manual: Emission Control System
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