Hyundai Elantra: Lubrication System / Components and Components Location


1. Timing chain cover
2. Outer roter
3. Inner roter
4. Oil pump cover
5. Relief plunger
6. Relief spring
7. Relief plug
8. O-ring (suction side)
9. O-ring (discharge side)
10. Oil screen gasket
11. Oil screen
12. Oil pan
13. Oil filter
14. Oil pressure switch (OPS)

Lubrication System

Flow Diagram
Engine Oil Schemetics ...

Other information:

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Inspection     • Wrap the protective tape on the tool to disassemble with the screwdriver or remover. • Use caution in keeping and handling during disassembling/assembling because it is easily contaminated with lubricant and oil. • Be careful not to scratc ...

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